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We are the authorised seller of the AS and A level resources (Study Papers and Study Worksheets) published by Solomon Press.

These resources were written for the outgoing specification. If you are still interested in obtaining them please contact us. For resources for the new specification go here.

Advanced Study Papers

These practice papers are extremely highly regarded and have provided invaluable exam preparation for tens of thousands of students.

The Core Mathematics papers are available in versions for Edexcel or OCR and there are 12 papers for each of the units C1 to C4. There is a marking guide for each paper.

Advanced Study Worksheets for Core Mathematics

For each of the units C1 to C4 there are worksheets for every topic progressing from introductory questions through to exam level. These can be used to set homeworks, for revision or as a complete set of exercises for teaching. Teachers have found the range of question types to be more complete than in any textbook.

The worksheets are available in versions for Edexcel or OCR and there are worked solutions for every question.

Download sample Advanced Study Papers here:

Download sample Advanced Study Worksheets here:


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