GCSE 2013-2016 Higher Tier Maths iPhone/iPad App (£3.99)

For 2012 two-paper Linear specifications: AQA B(4365), OCR B(J567) and Edexcel A(1MA0). Watch this short video to see how the App works:

To see how good the App is before buying it, please try our GCSE 2013-2016 Higher Tier Algebra App first. It's FREE (and ad-free) and covers every Algebra topic on the GCSE specification:

App Details

GCSE 2013-2016 Higher Tier Maths covers every topic on the GCSE specification.

It supports student revision by fully explaining how to do exam-style questions in language that is easy to understand.

There are over 200 questions covering all topics on the syllabus (full list below). In addition to these questions there are 4 full practice papers for students to try.

You can choose to tackle the questions by topic, by difficulty or at random.

For each topic question, as shown in the three tabbed iPhone screenshots on the right, single screen button touches can switch between three views as follows:

Tab 1: "question only" view

Tab 2: "question + solution" view

Tab 3: "question + solution + explanation" view

  • Question
  • Solution
  • Explanation







App Contents (number of questions in brackets)


Calculations (4)
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (7)
Ratio (4)
Number Types (4)
Using a Calculator (4)
Repeated and Reverse Percentages (5)
Indices and Standard Form (6
Surds and Recurring Decimals (4)
Bounds (4)


Algebraic Manipulation (6)
Equations (8)
Inequalities (5)
Trial and Improvement (3)
Linear Graphs (6)
Sequences (5)
Coordinates and Graphs (5)
Simultaneous Equations (4)
Quadratic Equations (6)
Quadratic Graphs (5)
Formulae and Proof (7)
Proportionality (4)

Geometry and Measures

Angles and Polygons (6)
3D Shapes (4)
Scale Drawings and Maps (3)
Transformations (6)
Measures (4)
Perimeter, Area and Volume (8)
Constructions and Loci (5)
Similarity and Congruence (5)
Circle Theorems (5)
Vectors (4)
Pythagoras' and Trigonometry (9)
Harder Mensuration (7)
Trigonometric Graphs (3)

Statistics and Probability

Collecting Data (5)
Representing Data (5)
Scatter Diagrams (4)
Average and Spread (9)
Cumulative Frequency (4)
Histograms (4)
Probability (9)
Combined Probabilities (6)
Sampling (4)