Revise Edexcel C1 Maths iPhone/iPad App (£0.99)

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Revise Edexcel C1 Maths provides a complete revision course for the Edexcel C1 Maths unit (6663).

For each topic there are a series of notes covering everything that you need to know with basic examples to consolidate your understanding. Each topic then has exam-style questions with worked solutions and explanations like a teacher would give when working one-to-one with a student.

The App also includes three complete practice papers matching the question-style, difficulty and progression of the real papers. These have worked solutions and if you need to, you can return to the notes and practice questions. In addition, there are tips from an experienced Examiner to help you get the best grade you can.

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  • C1 Topic Categories
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C1 Topic Categories


Sample Topic Notes 1


Sample Topic Notes 2


  • Sample Question 1
  • Question 1 Solution
  • Question 1 Explanation

Sample Question 1


Question 1 Solution


Question 1 Explanation


  • Sample Question 2
  • Question 2 Solution
  • Question 2 Explanation

Sample Question 2


Question 2 Solution


Question 2 Explanation